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22 Mar


Originally posted by witchking782

With max cape having so many teleport options, can we get last destination on it for QOL?

I'm not sure we even have the space, but I'll check! Items have a limited number of operations ('ops' for short) that they can have on them, I think Max Cape might be pushing it a little, but perhaps a keybind on the menu for just 'last destination' might work? Will share with the team!


Originally posted by virulia

in the original blog post, it was mentioned that you would be able to pay a fee of substantial hunter meats to make it so the quetzal whistle would have infinite charges. why was that removed?

Asked the team about this one and I think this feature was a little out-of-scope to deliver on time, but it's certainly doable in the future once we've got the more pressing fixes out of the way!


Originally posted by bobly81

If we figure it out would you be willing to explain the reasoning behind it? Whether that be balance or lore or whatever. As far as I'm aware this is the first time we've seen mobs that straight up change your max hit, and also do so at seemingly different amounts for different weapons.

Sounds like a fun incentive! Once everyone's figured it out reply to this comment and I'll try to shed some light on the design choice. You are correct by the way, this is the first time we've tried this. I hope you all like the idea!


Originally posted by AcanthisittaMany5451

what now lmao?

Hey, if you're unable to submit an account recovery with your previous login can you please submit a ticket from the link at the bottom of this page so we can take a look for you?


Hey u/Classic-delay8476,

I can see you have indicated you linked your OSRS account to a Jagex account, but it looks like you're going through our recovery process (apologies if i've misunderstood here) to regain access to the account.

As it appears you've upgraded to a Jagex account, the old account recovery system is no longer avaiable due to concerns about historic data compromise from other websites being used by hijackers.

Once you have imported your RuneScape character onto your Jagex Account, you will no longer be able to log in using the standalone RuneScape, Old School or RuneLite clients, or by using your previous login email/name.

In order to log into your RuneScape character once more, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Jage...
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Hey u/Tall_Ad9961

I've taken a look at this for you and it looks like your appeals are being denied as you aren't the original owner of the account.

I've cross referenced the information from the appeals with the data on the account and, while you have been on the account in the past, we can see that someone else is the creator.

I know this is disappointing, but our stance around shared and sold accounts are to minimise the chances of players investing time, money, and emotions into an account only for them to no longer have access to it in the future.

We are here to help and if you have any questions about accounts you did create, you can contact us any time.

- Mod Melora


Hey u/Highschoolhandjob

Thanks for flagging this - the team is currently investigating.

Have you been able to get on today at all?

The recommendation is currently to try restarting the launcher, but I'm aware that's not going to be a fix-all for everyone!

Thanks for bearing with us while we look into this.

-Jagex Support


Hey u/anon_couple2019

It sounds like a tricky situation but hopefully we can get you sorted, though there are a few hoops to jump through.

If you have access to the account but not the auth, you can remove the Authenticator through the registered contact email on the account.

It looks like you've indicated you don't have access to that email though, so you'll need to submit a recovery, which I can see you've said you've done.

Our recovery process is designed for players to get in touch with us and submit their details in a secure form, which we then review and make a determination about ownership of that account. If your request is successful, we'll apply a new registered email address to your account, which will allow you to receive the link to remove your...

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Hey u/sprouze

I can confirm what u/Jambo_dude has said below, if you've upgraded to a Jagex account, you can only access that account via the Jagex Launcher.

Here are the tips provided in our FAQ, for ease :)

  1. Head to the Jagex Launcher and log in to your Jagex account
  2. Click ...
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Originally posted by Serious_Day4842

With what I just said explained. Jagex has locked an account for no reason. With no proof of any real suspicious activity. Essentially taking an account and all of its progress from someone who has spent immense hours into the creation and building of the account. I am left with two options. One. Quit the game because of what I can only see as poor management of strange (to say the least) circumstances. Or actually break the rules and just purchase an account so I don’t have to go through the troubles of putting thousands of hours into a fresh account when my account was essentially stolen from me by the creators of the game. I’m going to go ahead and quit and charge back my membership (since I don’t get to play because of something jagex did I see this as completely justifiable) because I don’t want to waste real life money and give jagex the benefit of my monthly membership. But I did want to express that in situations like this jagex is pushing people to, if not out right promot...

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Hey u/Serious_Day4842

Sorry about the delay in response here, I've been off the last couple of days. You will have received that message because the information provided in your ticket wasn't enough to find the correct account (this can be caused by something as simple as a typo or misremembering of login info).

Could you let me know your RSN so I can look into this for you?


Just to cut into the speculation here: We did try this. Had it working in game. But it was less fun than the version without moving terrain. And whilst it does sound cool, and is an idea I'd like to revisit for future, our goal for the Colosseum was to make a difficult, fun piece of content. We tried this, it wasn't making it more fun, so we cut it!

I did worry that we'd already mentioned them on stream but we can't let our old ideas hold the game's fun hostage. Fun comes first!

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It's finally time to venture to the land of Varlamore!

21 Mar


Originally posted by DoranWard


Can we get a response on this? Seems like the community is pretty staunchly against such a ridiculous clue step.

Honestly I picked the salute to be a later glory reward since I thought it was safe enough as I didn't want gate anything important behind the final glory unlock like that.

I did not realise it was a master clue step, my bad, we'll be discussing what's the best way of fixing this tomorrow.


Originally posted by RespectfullyYoked

Just curious, why wasn't it in the update post? Just a miss? A special surprise inside?

a special surprise just for you x


Originally posted by mdshield

I‘m not sure if it is intended that way but the spots in your inventory still count as „used“ when withdrawing (only „tested“ at vorkath). Lets say i have a full inventory, when withdrawing it will equip all the worn gear but it will leave the inventory spots empty for however many worn items and leave the rest of what was in the inventory inside the storage.

yea we dont have a very good way to do it so it just tries to auto-equip things after they enter your inventory, rather than being able to equip them from the gravestone directly.


Originally posted by GregBuckingham

How long has this feature been here? Anyone know?

a bit over 24 hours