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Originally posted by Ter0revil

Thank you for everything you do, I'm sure 99% of the community appreciate what you guys do, don't listen to the 1%.

Thank you so much! We just want players to be happy, so we will always strive for that as hard as we can! Your words are much appreciated!!


Originally posted by Kerlyle

You guys are doing an awesome job. Thanks for taking the feedback to heart. I'm very excited to see what you have in store

Thank you, it means a lot! I can’t wait to share our plans wider next week and hear what you all think!


Originally posted by Ter0revil

Excited for the refinement process, do you think there will be an expansion of underwater content? The underwater section of fossil island is really cool and the brine sabres special attack only working underwater would open a pass for underwater BiS items.

The possibilities of Sailing are really endless.

A big benefit of creating a new skill is that it constantly grows and gets improved upon post-release, so an underwater expansion is definitely within the realm of possibility and fits thematically with Sailing. If it’s something players really want, of course.

At the moment all of the Sailing mechanics are going to be on the Ocean (not underwater), as it’s not “diving”, so I don’t think underwater mechanics would form part of the core navigational design of the skill, — but it’s very open ended, so it all depends on your feedback and what players tell us about how they want the skill shaped up to be. ☺️

I’m so happy to hear you’re excited about refinement, I am eagerly anticipating what people will say when they read the blog and see the prototype! ❤️


Originally posted by Orange_Duck451

Did you consider the turning arc pathing proposal that someone from the community shared?

Yeah, Husky linked it in the Stage - pathing won't be discussed on Monday but will be in the blog.


Let's gooo! ⛵⛵ Very excited to hear what you all think following the Twitch stream, planned for Monday 15th.

We had a Discord Stage today to explain our approach to the navigational mechanics of the Sailing skill and it seemed to go down well. I'll try and get it uploaded to YouTube like last time.

Here's what we've got planned next week:

  • Monday - Show you a Prototype Demo via Twitch (feat. members of our engine team)
    • (Purely tech and doesn't cover graphics or core gameplay)
  • Tuesday (tenatively) - We hope to publish the navigation design blog, including more detail for you to leave feedback.
  • Wednesday - It's likely this day will be focused on looking at initial community feedback and discussing it with the team. Not sure yet.
  • Thursday/Friday - If possible, we will seek to update our plans swiftly following your feedback.

I know there has been a lot of questions and I ge...

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11 May


Originally posted by zakmancho

Any updates on the self teleport crystal?

Was speaking to somebody on the team about it today, so it's in the works - but nothing more I'm able to share at the moment!


Originally posted by REALTOR_Ney

Teleporting, overheads, and freezing disabled? Eh… I feel like we need to move away from the outdated “honour” pking from 20 years ago. I personally don’t think the skill gap is the issue. Basic PvP is about as hard as Muspah or Barrows or some other mid level boss. It’s only maxed NHing that requires sweat level skill.

That 'outdated' Honour PvP is what got a lot of the people sweating NH interested in PvP in the first place. It has immense value in that it gives people a framework to get comfortable with PvP and with risk in general (since OSRS is almost entirely a positive progression game, a lot of players struggle with the 'negative' progression that PvP offers) is important. Building that comfort in Honour PvP vs. other newer players and learning fundamentals like proper eating, spec timings, combos, reading your opponent is miles better to get people involved than getting their teeth kicked in by somebody who's spent the last decade bridding.


Originally posted by covert_underboob

Your gunna hear a lot of negative feedback from the sub on release. I suggest you just tune out this sub when it comes to anything pvm related

It fluctuates, release weeks are always fun to navigate. Look at Muspah's journey over the days following its release and how quickly what seems like the 'overwhelmingly true, this is absolutely a majority opinion' shifts even over the course of 24h. All feedback is valuable though, never worth tuning out!


Originally posted by Wambo_Tuff

i think it would be a nice addition into a gazzete maybe where there's a section that goes over jmod feedback selection process. E.g what kind of posts/feedback they look for , which ones they ignore, which ones can be played around with, the Dos/Don't etc.

Currently we Just have to have it in good faith that any obvious bad feedback doesnt get taken on board and played around with by the dev team. Im not just talking about bad ideas but ideas that come out of bad faith (not having played the beta, bias feedback, misleading etc) can very easily be taken in as genuine feedback if not looked at carefully.

not flaming at all, just seeing an opportunity to have more clarity in the process whilst also benefiting content for the gazette, as the mod insight write ups are some of the more popular sections in them (husky' league post in the recent one for example)

Could be an interesting piece! I think purely off-hand that we all spend the majority of our week reading player feedback as well as spending loads of time out of hours just embedded in the community either through consuming content, interacting with various Discords etc. and build up a little bit of a 'sense' for where a piece of feedback is coming from.

I think we might have a bigger piece earmarked for the next Gazette already, but will raise it with the team!


Originally posted by 0LTakingLs

Quick question - will DT2 give defense xp/be doable by pures? I know Jagex doesn’t really cater to pures, but with honor pvp coming back it seems like a terrible idea to hit them all with new PvP meta prayers that are locked behind very high non-combat requirements.

A lot of us make multiple pking builds for PvP because the stats/quest bar to be competitive isn’t too high, requiring them all to get 69 agil, 75 firemaking, 70(?)ish thieving, etc. seems like a huge hurdle for people who are considering making pking alts and don’t have a ton of time to invest into the leveling grind.

DT2 will be pure friendly (no Def requirements, Prayer reward is given in the form of a lamp rather than on Quest completion dialogue).


Originally posted by qBAB1

How do these Desert Treasure 2 bosses compare to bosses like Vorkath and Phantom Muspah in terms of loot drops or is it too early to say?

The bosses themselves aren't finished yet, loot tables tend to be one of the things we look at after the bosses are polished (and hopefully fun!)


Originally posted by Raisoshi

I found it hilarious that everyone was giving feedback on the bosses and your comment focused on the free food, tells a lot about where your priorities lie lmao

In fairness I wasn't there to playtest the bosses, I can play the bosses at home, I can't get free food at home (legally).


Originally posted by darkhawk1005

Are there any updates surrounding quest backporting? We had a blog and survey but nothing really came of it.

I've heard rumblings internally (meaning in a professional sense, not digestive distress) but nothing I'm able to share at this point. Keep an eye out for some of the Game Jam projects we'll be sharing in the coming weeks!


Originally posted by Kupopallo

Are the post-quest bosses solo bosses or at least soloable?

They're soloable, yes!


Originally posted by barneythedinosar

Stop wasting time on PvP content


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