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21 Nov


Originally posted by muppet2011ad

Does this break saves?

No, all saves are compatible back to 2018 at least (and in many cases before).

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Hi there!

RimWorld's 1.4 content update is now available! It adds cross-expansion integration with new Ideology precepts that link to Biotech, gene-modding and inheritance improvements, diplomatic reactions to pollution dumping, polux tree seeds, tribalwear for kids, and many other miscellaneous changes.

In a previous announcement, Ty covered the juicy details of this update. That same announcement has been shared below, as well as the changelog with our latest rounds of testing.

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

20 Nov

19 Nov

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You get cloth when cotton is successfully harvested.

17 Nov

16 Nov


Originally posted by Chiatroll

I still can't forgive him for all the times he personally raided my settlements. god damnit Tynan.

You should be glad it's me and not someone else - I really suck at shooting!


You're very welcome!

We watch discussions quite often actually; it's an amazingly valuable source of feedback. Especially when people write out cogent thoughts and ideas. I appreciate that the RimWorld community doesn't have a negative complaining vibe to it; it's very forward-looking and thoughtful.

15 Nov

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Hi everyone, the unstable branch has just received a new patch. We've gotten some great feedback from the community on our 1.4 content update. Latest changelog below.

The 1.4 content update has cross-expansion integration, gene-modding changes, player-made xenotypes in the world, and lots of other improvements. Read about it here!

Are you interested in helping us test the 1.4 content update? We'd love it if you could share any bugs or issues you find in the ... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

13 Nov

12 Nov


Originally posted by FiraFoxy

These changes all look really cool - I understand the reluctance with cross-expansion content that Tynan had initially, but I do think it only makes sense to have many of these precepts relating to Biotech to help the "RP" aspect of colonies a lot more.

I have a small, minor question about a weird Biotech / Ideology interaction that seems to be a bit broken and bugged. If you have male Furskin pawns, with the "Beardless" gene and/or with your Ideology set to only use the "no facial hair" appearance at the Appearances at the bottom of your Ideology, the male Furskin pawns will be unhappy with their appearance until you get them a Styling bench and change their style - however, on doing this, the beards tab will be empty, because of the Beardless gene.

Thus, any Beardless Furskin male pawn will be permanently unhappy and get a small mood penalty, because the "no facial hair" isn't a valid option for them. I don't suppose it'd be possible to add "no facial hair" as an ...

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We will look into this. Could just be a little design hole/bug.


Originally posted by steamedbean-

A suggestion. Can we directly sell gene mods from the gene bank without ejecting them first?

It would make a ton of sense - will put this in our design queue for consideration.


Originally posted by Studly_Spud

Thanks Tia! A question on genepacks; is it intended that genepacks cannot be sold direct from bank? Meaning that we must always hit "eject all" when a trader comes along, then rebank afterwards.

This would make perfect sense - will consider for this or a future update. Thanks for the feedback!


Originally posted by Kr4k4J4Ck

These are all great changes, but will there be balance changes done for the solo mechanitor route? It was so off-putting that I haven't even tried it again since the first week of release.

I found it kinda insane that you had to research the 3rd mech tree to get fabricator for something as simple as cutting stone chunks. It made 0 sense to me why in my solo mechanitor most of my time was spent cutting stone blocks or sitting at a deep drill trying to get platsteel deposits, when the whole playstyle is supposed to revolve around having these mechs do the work for you.

I just don't see myself ever doing this route again unless for some reason I want to cut stone chunks or deep drill for 90% of my run.

I saw that the fabricator can now cook which is a good step, but it's still so far into the research line that it doesn't make sense. (unless this was changed recently which I missed).

A good change would be to have a Fabricator be an early mech, but with...

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We want there to be progression through the tech tree, which means not just having every worker mechanoid available from the start. This is going to remain the same.

There are definitely econ development paths that don't require your mechanitor to spend all his time cutting stone chunks or deep-drilling plasteel. It's a kind of weird extra-challenge playthrough and requires some adaptation - doing the same development path as a normal colony would be slow for sure. So come at it another way. Build less walls, or use something besides stone blocks (which are inherently very slow) in the early game, or trade more, etc etc. Use less plasteel and focus on other resources, buy more of it, etc. Push faster to higher tech. There are tons of options.


Originally posted by massive-business

I hope there's an option to turn off player made xeno type spawns because I play with a super OP everything buffed deathless race that would be incredibly unfun to be raided by.

They won't appear as raiders, just random miscellaneous people in other situations.


Originally posted by fureshyu

Ludeon Studios is truly my favorite dev team. They not only communicate but they listen and can change their stance if it further enriches the game.

These days I’m honestly disillusioned when it comes to game support. Yes most studios communicate or have some sort of community manager. But rarely do they take into consideration the feedback players pose after a patch. Even rarer does the creator of the game put themselves into the public light.

Thank you Tia and everyone at Ludeon for creating and continuing to develop our favorite colony simulator (and also modders who contribute to the longevity and replay-ability).

You're very welcome and we appreciate the props. We're trying and it's good to have that be noticed :)