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30 Jan

29 Jan

Soundtrack and merchandise available now!

8 months ago - on News - Thread - Direct

Wargroove Vinyl Soundtrack

Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order
Wargrooveโ€™s amazing soundtrack was developed by Pete Lepley (aka Phonetic Hero) and will be distributed by ...

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28 Jan

26 Jan

25 Jan

Role Call

8 months ago - on News - Thread - Direct

Hey everyone! I hope youโ€™re all as excited for the release of Wargroove next week as we are! Today I wanted to list Wargrooveโ€˜s voice cast, who have helped bring our commanders and characters to life with battle shouts and cutscene cries! Itโ€™s been such a great experience working with all these talented actors and theyโ€™ve brought so much to the project.

Tamara Fritz as Mercia
Tamara Fritz is known for her role as Eudico in Warframeโ€˜s Fortuna expansion and has also worked on games like My Time at Portia and Heroes of Newerth.
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