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07 Jun

Hey @MCHElite,

If you've contacted via email and it's going too slow for your liking, you can always try reaching out via a chat instead:


Once you've selected your product and platform, try selecting "Orders" -> "Check order status". That usually gives me the option to start a cha... Read more

06 Jun

05 Jun

04 Jun

02 Jun

    EA_Lanna on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi @M4ch1n4_IRL


There are steps to reporting someone you see in-game that you think might be using cheats. We've shared them in this EA Help article: Report players for cheating, abuse, or harassment. Jump down to 'Rep...

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01 Jun



📍 An issue spawning in Control

👁️ Being able to scan through Catalyt's ult

🥊 Wraith using her weapon in the Fight Night ring

☕ Miscellaneous Ballistic fixes

👀 Certain skins could block your view

31 May

30 May

    EA_Aljo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi there, @idhasbeenregistd 


We're not able to help with banned accounts through Answers HQ. You can find more information on bans, as well as disputing them in the article here. Thank you.

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29 May


Hello @zl6195 


At the moment, the following languages are supported on Answers HQ: 


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28 May

    EA_Barry on Forums - Thread - Direct



Account security is important to us.


When helping with certain issues, like account changes, it’s important that we can verify that you own this account. We want to make sure we’re not compromising your account, so we can’t help out with your issue currently.


If you’re able to regain access to your email account later, you can resume this case on EA Help at help.ea.com/my-cases/ or click Contact Us on any ...

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26 May

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