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25 Jan

    Chris on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi guys,

It seems most people are creating threads asking the same questions.. "How Do I Access the Trading Forums" "How do I Access the Tribes Forums".

To help weed out troll accounts there is a post count restriction on being able to read these sections. Those newer members in the "Early Birds" account group will need to use the forums and interact with other members in the other sections of the Forums in order to be moved to the regular Member user group. Once this has happened you are then free to use the Trading Forums and ARK Tribes.

I hope this helps clear things up. So go and be active to get access in no time!

14 Jan

    Chris on Forums - Thread - Direct

That Venice Arkitect is INSANE! Great job everyone on this weeks awesome content!

31 Dec

    Chris on Forums - Thread - Direct

Jat always makes a thread asking for submissions. Keep an eye on the forums and our Twitter.

    Chris on Forums - Thread - Direct

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for an awesome 2016!

29 Dec

18 Oct

    Jen on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Welcome to the ARK Steam Forums!

This topic contains our Official Server Guidelines, Official Steam Guidelines, & information regarding ban appeals.

Official Server Guidelines
Our Official Servers fall under our Code of Conduct, which can be read in its entirety here:

Steam Guidelines
All Survivors are invited to join the Steam Forums and participate in discussions (not withstanding any bans you may have). As a member of the community, you must abide by a few short rules:

1. Respect each other. Detrimental behavior such as flaming and derogatory/personalized harassment (outlined further below under 'Warnings') will not be tolerated.
2. Do not incessantly bump topics or spam. Specific spam rules are outlined in the advertiseme... Read more

25 Sep

    Panda on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
This post is updated regularly (regardless of the date posted). Please check back often for any changes to the list.

To report an outage if not listed below, go to and fill out the report form. Also, be sure to check our maintenance thread for announced maintenance at

Currently known server outages and reason(s):

(L) indicates legacy server
offline indicates that the server is not running currently (time is not moving forward) though is being worked on.

Last Updated:

20 Sep