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Hi! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We've heard a few mentions of similar things in the past, but what you're describing sounds like it could be quite serious, so I wanted to let you know we are investigating it. If you have any more details, please don't hesitate to send those over! You can use either public channels, like these forums and our issue tracker[], or if you believe you have some sensitive information on your hands, then it may be good to send that by email,

05 Mar



We’re busy at work on the next major update, and one of the new features it will include is…

Abandoned outposts The world of Barotrauma changes according to what you do or don’t do in it, and a location that is next to monster hunting grounds may become abandoned by its usual inhabitants. Then it will be your job to find and enter the affected outpost and evict whatever has made itself at home inside:
  • Hunt down monsters and destroy their nests, or
  • Deal with squatting outlaws and dispose of their leader, or
  • Deal with outlaws and make sure they don’t come back later – destroy the station reactor for good measure.
  • Get out alive.

What do you think? You can get a more atmospheric glimpse of what’s to come ... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Hello everyone! For the first sneak peek of the next major update, we decided to tell you a story. Enjoy! It was near the end of winter – not that seasons matter much here, of course, but it feels nice somehow to think that somewhere, around that time of year, winter would have been loosening its grip and the sun, with every passing day, making ever so slightly longer appearances in the sky – more...


04 Mar

    Regalis on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The game does try to draw wires that have been made completely transparent: if you want to prevent them from being rendered, you can enable the "hidden in-game" setting.

However, I'm afraid that probably won't help you solve your problem. None of the things mentioned here use much memory, and memory usage isn't really related to latency in multiplayer. The problem here is probably the framerate (= the game running slowly), not latency. The latter is not affected by rendering in any way, because the server doesn't render anything and the networking logic runs separately from the rendering logic. And in general, rendering is usually not the bottleneck, it's all the logic that's needed to update things such as the signal components and lights.

Here's a couple of suggestions on improving the performance of the sub:
- You can use the console command "showperf" to get a rough idea on what's causing the performance problems. If the "draw total" value is much larger... Read more

03 Mar

    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi everyone! To clarify, the topic will not be deleted due to us taking offense – you are entirely within your rights to say this. However, according to the numbers we can see, Barotrauma shows no signs of dying, and if you look around these forums for earlier threads on this topic, you may see that they quickly turned less than pretty. For that reason, you are right that we tend not to be too enthusiastic about seeing this brought up here.

So, I wanted to write back as soon as I noticed this topic to encourage everyone to participate and help make this a polite, respectful discussion that stays on topic. Discussions like that are always welcome on our forums, whether we agree with some views that are expressed or not.

Wish you all a good day or night!

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    Dynamoon on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi everyone, and thanks Pike for sharing the link – we do indeed use that Discord a lot to help players stay up to speed with what we're working on.

Regarding the alien ruins specifically, it's likely but not quite set in stone yet that we'll make an update focused on ruins content later this year. It is, however, not the first order of business, and instead the next major update will have to do with the Abyss and some other improvements to the game world. Hope you'll like it!