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21 Nov

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I have to admit I haven't played SS13 as much as one might expect based on how much Baro draws inspiration from it. I did give it a try a long time ago on what I think was /tg/station, but as someone who tends to like making games more than playing them and rarely has enough time or motivation to really sink into a game, I didn't get very far. But I was still impressed enough by the game and its core ideas that I wanted to take a shot at building something slightly different on those core ideas. I guess I should take it for another spin at some point and see how it goes. :)

20 Nov


Hello everyone!

The end of the year is getting closer, and so is our next update. It’s all about the world outside your submarine – from level generation to new environment art, many things are getting more variety and polish. Read a bit more below and check out this blog post[] on our website for more details!

Explore caves: This update adds caves that are too small to fit a submarine into, so you’ll have to go out for a swim to see what awaits inside. They come in many shapes and styles, and we’ll be adding even more in the future!

Navigate more complex maps: Level generation ... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Hello everyone! The year is approaching its end, and as promised, there’s one more update coming. It will be the one previously referred to as “Content 2”, rounding off the content development we’ve been busy with throughout the year. Where “Content 1” AKA Rusted Remnants was about shipwrecks, and the big campaign update, New Frontiers, had to do with stations, this one is largely about the...


18 Nov

17 Nov

16 Nov

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Hi! If you are still looking for help, and if you use Discord, you should definitely take a look around our official server, where we have an active modder community and a dedicated modding discussion channel. Also, perhaps some of our studio-made Steam guides will help you (in the event that you haven't consulted them yet) – here's a list:

13 Nov

12 Nov

11 Nov

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Hi, and thanks for the reminder – we've been meaning to clarify this message, so that's now back on our to do list! In the case of the campaign mode, it affects the whole save, so if you save a campaign with cheats enabled, you will no longer get achievements for that campaign. (Otherwise, it would be easy to just enable cheats, give yourself a million marks and all the upgrades, restart the game and cruise through collecting achievements.)

10 Nov

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06 Nov

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