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05 Dec


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.22.2.0 includes several crash fixes, including some continually experienced in dungeons and Trials, fixes an issue with housing permissions, some issues with buffs and debuffs, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 836MB.

[*]Fixed an issue where Vvardenfell delve dailies weren't rewarding their reward boxes.

Buffs and Debuffs
[*]Minor Slayer and Aegis: Fixed an issue where these buffs would clear after dyin... Read more
Thanks everyone, we're actively investigating now and will let you know when we have some information.

04 Dec

    ZOS_SamL on Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey all,

Just to clear up the confusion, the Steam discussions on ESO were previously limited so only players who had ESO registered in their Steam library could make a post. After reading through some of the discussions here, we've opened it up so that anyone can post in the Steam forums, just in case.

Most of the moderation is handled by Valve if posts are flagged. We do step in on occasion if we catch people posting anything against TOS or attacking other people, but for the most part, we understand that the Steam community manages itself.

If you have any additional feedback about the Steam forums, I'm open to it.

03 Dec


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Hey all, are you still experiencing this error? If so, can you let us know your gamertag?

02 Dec

01 Dec


@ZOS_GinaBruno in addition to some of the the crashes is the housing permissions issue being fixed as well?

Yes, that is included in the upcoming patch.
Hey all, we just posted an update here:

We are currently targeting December 7 for the next PC patch and December 9 for consoles. This will include a number of crash fixes.

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