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19 Oct


Originally posted by Jman91067

Is that car bigger than the garage?

Yes it f*cking is.

18 Oct


Originally posted by SquigsRS

Sorry, poor wording. I’m trying to start a discussion on whether it would be a good idea to make a player able to own and use more than one rune pouch at a time, since that seemed to be the sticking point on making them tradable at all.

I'm pretty sure it's not technically feasible - rune pouches open a unique inventory where you can keep some runes. Even if you have multiple pouches, they'd all open the same inventory.


Originally posted by SAITAMA_666

That's not good enough, Wilderness Slayer without emblem drops will be absolutely terrible.

Then we can increase the the average value of the rewards from Larran's chest too. This is bearing in mind that Wilderness Slayer was already buffed with the addition of Larran's keys. The purpose of the content is to get Slayer points faster, not gold per hour.


Originally posted by ivebeendiscovered

Do beta worlds still not have any quick gearing QoL.

Even just JMods tagging items with 'pk' or 'zulrah' for searching would make sifting through a lot faster.

Or just snapshop one setup after you gear, and that snapshot can be lost on logout so it's just temporarily stored idk 😭

You can gear instantly using the load-outs.


Originally posted by SquigsRS

Are there many scenarios where having multiple rune pouches would be OP? This could be a good time to consider that question since they want to make it tradable but are stuck on the fact you are currently only allowed to own one.

Only things I can think of are ZMI and pking on normal spellbook. Maybe some kind of CoX strategy, idk?

You wouldn't be able to use them individually so it doesn't make you any more powerful anywhere.


Originally posted by maelstrom51

Are ironmen allowed to use this system to trade gold from their mains?

Ironmen won't be able to participate in the new emblem system to avoid that exact scenario.


Originally posted by Shoe_N_Shoelace

I recommend that you make the challenges give points based on their difficulty/risk. Example: Killing a target without using protect item should be worth more points than not using a special attack or kill with range/magic/melee otherwise I'm sure there will be some people will skip and never do. With each being weighted in difficulty, they still may skip the challenge often, but I'm sure would be willing to try to do the challenge more than if they were all weighted the same.

This was the original plan, but we need more tasks. If you have suggestions for any, we are keen to hear them!


Originally posted by mlcamm

PLEASE ROLL BACK. This update is terrible. Why would you affect the main game without polling the changes? I get you have an open beta for the new content, but that shouldn't have leaked into the main game at all. why change the emblems without warning? /u/JagexGambit this makes it incredibly inconvenient to get rune pouches as well.. so right now ( if you were to not have enough points in the bountry shop) the ONLY way to get the pouch is through slayer points. Make emblems people have earned their points for tradeable until the new update is polled

They've been hotfixed back onto the Wildy Slayer table. They will be removed with the full launch instead.


Hi there! I flagged this to Mod Ash this morning and he's plugged in a hotfix to allow players to be able to complete the diary requirement by talking to the Emblem Trader.

17 Oct


Originally posted by TipsyBartenderVRFD

You can’t have them just disappear off people’s accounts. Not everyone continually plays and many could easily miss the announcement and be stuck with you guys pulling items. That’s not fair and you need to come up with another option, like having a ghost somewhere in the world able to buy back the emblems or design some random event that targets accounts which have them like in desert treasure that pesters the accounts which have them to make them sell them to ensure these players aren’t surprised

I don't think we'd add new content for the temporary process of encouraging people to use their remaining emblems. What we can probably do is send reminder messages to players who still have them when they log in.


Originally posted by ThroatSores

/u/JagexGambit /u/JagexSween Was the price of the (cosmetic) Granite clamp meant to be 1000 points or 100 in the new BH shop?

Looks like the maul handle upgrade is 600....

We'll re-balance and cost those prices before full launch. I can't imagine the handle will stay at 600. Thanks for the heads up!


Originally posted by Sebo-R

What about wilderness slayer? All of this dev time to just add one additional reward to the shop and take away emblems from wildy slayer....

We're adding Dagon'hai robes as a reward from Wildy Slayer with some of the rewards from the BH shop like the RoW and MSB upgrade scrolls potentially moving there as well.

Edit: "moving" was the wrong word. They'd be added to Wildy Slayer, but still available on the BH store. All this would be polled.


Originally posted by jenniferflowercat

In the Q&A there was a straw poll for lowering the cost of rune pouch bought via slayer points. Is this still being considered and when will this change be polled/made? Asking because I am thinking about buying one soon.. :)

Yes - we're still very much considering this. It's not clear yet when the change will happen (it's not even guaranteed), especially since opinions vary a lot within the team. The best thing may be to poll different costs.