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17 Nov


They're banned courtesy of Mod Weath.

11 Nov


that's a centaur


Originally posted by JagexMerchant

I personally think the streams are well balanced and answer a lot of the questions, there's always improvements to be made sure, but at the end of the day we love what we do and look forward to the stream every week, so we tend to enjoy ourselves.

If we do get derailed, which can happen, myself and others frequently field questions here or on twitter in a much drier manner.

To add something,

Those of who you have seen your share of these streams know I once hosted with the intentions of getting through as many questions as possible. I received a lot of heat for this and many people thought I didn't enjoy the Q&As because I took them too seriously. It seems to be the case that we simply won't be able to please everyone. We have to find a balance between being informative and entertaining.


That pid eat was clutch


Originally posted by [deleted]


Can you link me to the evidence you submitted? How do you know nothing has happened? If a player receives a mute for player harassment, we don't message the players who reported said player to let them know he's muted.

10 Nov


Originally posted by Shortdood

Archie this isnt a question but something i wanted to say to you about the Q&As, after doing the transcripts for the past few weeks there have been quite a few instances where the actual question wasnt asked very clearly, or the question is asked, one of the mods goes on a semi-related ramble, and then you move on to the next question without getting an answer.

For example here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2OEtHy3pZY&feature=youtu.be&t=722 you ask the ''ETA on Raids beta worlds?'' Ash says about the beta not actually being a full beta and then you move on to the next question, without actually giving an ETA. It's very frustrating, but if you could try to get an answer for every question i think that would improve the streams, even if the answer is just ''We dont have an ETA yet'' thats fine, just frustrating to see a question asked and no answer given.


After asking a question, I typically let the devs take the answer as it's almost always a question best left to them. I then begin prepping the next question/grabbing questions from the chat etc. In this instance, Ash took over and I assumed the question had been answered by the end of it. What ended up happening is Ash clarified it wasn't to be a beta test but more of a load test. As for the date, it's yet to be decided but we're aiming for late November or early December at the latest.

Apologies, I'll be sure to chase up and check if the question has been answered correctly in the future.


We're investigating this at the minute, thanks.


PvP only HCIM

That sounds terrifying

07 Nov


On the contrary, we do take action against player harassment and after corroborating on the back end, I have applied the appropriate offense to this player.

If you'd like action taken, this stuff needs to be reported. In-game reports are often sufficient but screenshot/video evidence sent to me via Twitter is preferred.

03 Nov


It's a joke around the team how invested I am with the Heavy Ballista and trying to make it balanced for all combat levels. It's a struggle and they're bullies. Ronan made that title so that I couldn't see it (he's the biggest bully on the team).


Originally posted by Dimitri0029

Can butter get an eat option Roads on zeah can they get a passive stamina effect applied to them so run energy drains slower because zeah is rather large Vetion only 1 set of dogs in between phases


31 Oct


You can find more info on this change here: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/a=12/c=efMxVb8Lqrs/forums.ws?380,381,340,65846927

As a reply to some comments on this thread - we don't poll balancing fixes. Anyone who has PKed with or against a Heavy Ballista in the past knows it was deserving of a stat adjustment. Also, not enough time has passed since the change to accurately gauge just how significant this change is and as mentioned, we'll continue to monitor this change throughout the week and make further adjustments if need b...

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28 Oct


Glad you enjoyed it!

You can watch the highlight back here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFX8ovrOles

27 Oct


Originally posted by Imperium_RS

  • Since melee is getting their second PvP weapon polled soon (claws) and range has already gotten theirs (ballista), when can mages get something for PvP?

It would only be reasonable as it's just as valid of a combat style as they are. It wouldn't take much, even the black salamander comes somewhat close to being viable. So something like that, with a bit higher damage, should be sufficient.

Mage has recently received the Tome of Fire and Dragon Claws are to be polled but we shouldn't assume they will pass. I'd love to see Mage get a viable KO weapon but we need ideas more than anything.


We'll be talking about the ballista in today's Q&A.


The Ballista nerf was a balancing fix. It is still extremely powerful and will continue to be a viable PK weapon. We really just wanted to nerf the Ballista to Granite Maul combo which was quite overpowered.