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22 Aug


Originally posted by MastahTypo

Not specifically about revenant but about the silence ability..

Who in their right minds thought that it would be fair to give that ability to seer in his tactical and not crypto in his ultimate?

A silence as ult ability to cancel an ambush for crypto seems more fair than it does on seer.

Seer already had a Silence as part of his Tactical, it just lasted a very short amount of time compared to the scan.
We flipped this for Seer in an effort to pull down the scan meta overall and push him towards initiation rather than closing.
The silence works well with Seer's kit, as you can track and target with his passive to and gains knowledge through the brief scan of WHO has been silenced in order to make choices on how to push based on the abilities that have been locked out.
Crypto's EMP also silencing is an interesting direction to consider - though, as with Rev's old version, it would be difficult to tell if the silence had real impact.
The EMP already does significant shield damage in addition to its slow and disorientation in a large area through walls - you would still use it for that over the silence component, it'd be icing on the cake for few who'd take notice - and infinitely more frustrating for those caught it the giant emp area.
And to ...

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Originally posted by Shinigami_Hei

Also no bleed-through. If you get hit with a Kraber for example you only take damage from the ult shield. Have a shield with 1 hp? You only take 1 hp damage.

Bleed-through you say...?


Originally posted by Ginglees

How did the ult make it through play testing without realizing how busted it is to regenerate your shield instantly with an added 10 seconds

Why is there a random scan ability? It doesn’t fit his character.

Playtesting showed how powerful the Ult could be, and there were certainly concerns.
The Ult gives Rev the confidence to stay in the fight, push a little harder and secure the kill - which was the play pattern we were striving for with this rework. Given this, we opted to allow Revenant his time in the sun to see what aspects were the most potent.
As we analyze what parts of the kit might be too oppressive, we can then make targeted changes to reign in that power on the right axis. We don't get to see that if he releases too weak and no one plays him.
The momentary targeting scan isn't random, it's intentional. It allows him to hone in on weak targets and know when to dive on them to secure the kill. As a Revenant, you now how have a call to action when enemies get low to use your Shadow Pounce or move in with Forged Shadows to pursue that advantage. It's a core part of his new play pattern, and fits the killer assassin character well from our perspective.


Originally posted by FrozenPhilosopher

Not revenant related exactly, but can you explain why the recent matchmaking changes in pubs are so awful? Pubs went from a decent mix of all skill levels (sometimes you dominated, sometimes you got dominated) to now being every single lobby is sweatier than ranked.

Is it really just to protect the noobs, or did you guys unintentionally make the game awful to play to start this season?

On topic for revenant: why is his super jump not much louder and/or accompanied by a flashy visual cue? We were told during Loba bracelet design that it was so flashy because it’s no fun for players to reposition silently with hard to notice cues - that’s exactly what happens with rev because of how bad the audio is.

Revenant's Shadow Pounce is intended to be loud and aggressive given it's power potential. There are audio and visual cues surrounding the ability to push this.If this isn't the case, there may be bugs to investigate, or larger falloff ranges to push out and accomplish this goal.As we've done before, ( Octane's Jump Pad ) we'll try to address these in future patches if that's the case.


Originally posted by Cazirus

What is the data on how strong Rev’s ult is cause I cannot tell if it’s too strong or too weak. Sometimes when I pop my ult, that 75 makes me invincible, and other times it feels like I put a McDonald’s napkin over my head.

The season's still young, and we're gathering data at the moment from feedback, and the community on large at the moment.
In the early days, actual telemetry is often skewed because EVERYONE's playing the character, but as the season goes one we'll be able to see how the power of his ult is shaking out and make any adjustments needed.


Originally posted by Boozardo

Was his rework abilities inspired by cockroaches? Like seriously, he climbs like one, he leaps(fly) towards enemies, and has an Ult that makes him hard to kill

He's actually more inspired by venomous snakes and spiders.
The spider was part of his inspiration from the beginning with his climb, and the snakes took shape with the redesign of his new hood from what our Lead Concept Artist has mentioned


Originally posted by Runsett-

This overshield is absolutely tough to go against. He is so hard to kill. I have a harder time going against Rev than Gibby. Why was a overshield added while also giving him movement? We pretty much have a mobile gibby here. Gl trying to run away when a Rev knows he is at a huge advantage everytime because of his extra 75. Also why give him even more passives on top of his wallclimbing and silent crouch?

We wanted Revenant to feel confident diving in to secure a kill as his core play pattern.
The Passive lets him know when enemies are low to push.
The Tactical lets him close the gap
The Ultimate gives him the confidence to dive in and secure it.
So the overshield was added to allow him to push into an enemy team, the idea being that the large hitbox of the shroud is very easy to hit and burn through offering a measure of counterplay if Revenant over-extends. It's definitely dialed high, and we'll monitor it's power across the season to see if adjustments needs to be made.
Revenant is admittedly a little overloaded with passives - but they all serve a purpose in his overall kit and synergize with the other abilities well.
Also, we didn't want to lose the unique crawling and wall climbing that was so core to the character in this change.


Originally posted by RV-Devan

Smoked Gouda

All hail smoked gouda


Do Simulacrum dream of robot sheep that think they are normal sheep?

Hey @krabzlicious,

From what I can see from your image, it looks like you'll need to launch the game via the EA app to redeem your coins. I should point out that progress between the EA app and Steam is the same, so they'll show up on your Steam account too, but if I'm not mistaken you'll need to launch the game via the app to actually get the coins.


Wees aardig voor elkaar | Be kind to each other

21 Aug


Originally posted by Seismicx

Is there any point to pubs and ranked having the same matchmaking? You're just taking away a choice.

Don't shoot the messenger. We are working on it.


Originally posted by hashkingkong

Any chance you can just revert it? Pubs has been fine for the entire 4 years and should never have been changed. Ranked was the only thing that ever needed looking at. Giving everyone a 1KDR is going to kill the game. Hard sbmm is game over, please see any other shooter that used it. Halo for example. Dead in a month.


Originally posted by devourke

Is there a difference between matchmaking between duos and trios? I feel like I play much better players in trios compared to duos. And is there a difference in matchmaking when playing in a 3 stack? My search times seem to have gone way up and the vast majority of teams that kill me seem to have matching clan tags over the past few weeks. Not saying it's a bad or good thing, but just wondering if it's confirmation bias since most of my best games have been playing solo q duos.

Is there a difference between matchmaking between duos and trios?

Duos tends to have more try-hard players in it.


Originally posted by DetiabejU

Has Respawn said anything about the pubs matchmaking ? I feel like most people complain about pubs, ranked being sweaty is normal imo (or at least it should be a significant difference with pubs)

Definitely hear the constant feedback about it; We are looking at the pubs matchmaking at the moment.

19 Aug


Hello @nobaydlikemeqo,


please contact EA Support to find out more about your ban. We don't have access to account information here in the forum and are therefore unable to help you. 

Bitte schickt mir keine Direktnachrichten für Support - taggt mich im Forum @EA_Pythia

17 Aug


Hey @DF-Colala,


We currently support the following languages here on AHQ: 


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16 Aug

    EA_Lanna on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi @Daaaaaaaaaaaady


You won't see your progress from your Xbox show up on your PS5 as Apex is not cross-platform, As shared in this guide: Apex Legends cross-play: how to play with friends

@EA_Help wrote:
Is Apex Legends cross-platform?

Apex Legends does...

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15 Aug

Hey @It_Is_R41n,

Unfortunately we're not able to look into bans here on the forums. I recommend that you reach out to our terms of service team via the webform in the following article, they'll be able to take a look into this for you:



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