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I get the error, you have been disconnected from the ubisoft servers because your account is being accessed for r6 on a different platform. I dont know how to fix this. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by raiyanxgamer96
Its been three days since i bought credits and i still dont have them,i sent a support ticket but they didnt answer,what do i do
Hey, raiyanxgamer96!

Welcome to the forums! We aren't able to discuss purchases here for data protection reasons. Can we ask that you reach out to us on our social media channels via a private message please:



Alternatively you can contact us via a live chat, you can find the link to it here: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Contact#en-gb

Thank you.
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Hi there, ChrisK.-! As ISlurpz stated, there is not a way to turn off the notifications for BattlEye at this time. My apologies for the inconvenience! If you would like to share your opinions on this and whether it should be an optional feature, please do so on the feedback subforums for Siege. This will allow for better visibility from our team. Thank you!
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What happens if you launch Uplay first and just launch the game from Uplay?
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Hey, Apoligi.RBCK!

Welcome to the forums. I am sorry to hear that you have been banned. I am afaid we are unable to remove these bans.

In regard to getting kicked can you confirm which platform you are playing on so we can investigate further?
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Originally Posted by Anewbakedpotato
I logged on to Rainbow after the update and my server is stuck on Australian servers and I am supposed to use United states can someone help me change it
Hey there.

Can you try setting your data center manually by following the instructions here?
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Hey there, POTAT0AIM4U! As VougishMan said, you would need to open a case at support.ubi.com to submit an official ban appeal. In your ticket, please be sure to explain that your account was hacked. From there, our team will investigate your account then let you know once a decision regarding the sanction has been made. Please keep in mind that our team's decision is final and cannot be overturned. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!
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Hey, SaucySuprime610!

Sorry to hear that your game is freezing. Can I ask you to try the following:


Verify your game files.
It is possible that the installation of your game is faulty. To fix this, please verify your game files:


Disable Background Applications.


Reinstall Uplay.

Update your GPU Drivers:


Should the issues persist after completing the above steps, please GET IN TOUCH, attaching DXDIAG and MSINFO reports to your SUPPORT CASE.

Thank you.
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Hey there,

I have moved this to get the audience you need.

Many thanks

-Ubisoft Support🦆
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Hello Turkey,
It's always good when you just write the issue you have, so we can directly take a look on it. What do you need help with?
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Hey George171012,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

As per the edit of your post, just to confirm, is this issue resolved now?
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Sounds like you bought the 2-pack.
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@qxaymxp Hey! Sorry to hear that you are getting this message. This could indicate that your account has been compromised. In order to investigate this further please reach out to us from one of our contact methods here.

Thank you.

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Hey u/stiles1776,
This is really dependent on what platform you have and what you may have plugged into that platform. If you're rocking an Xbox for example, try not to use an Elite Controller at the start screen - use a standard controller. Unplugging any peripherals may also help.