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16 Sep


Hello everyone!

The next update will feature many submarine-related changes and additions, such as guns and upgrades as well as the introduction of submarine tiers, a new system of classifying submarines in terms of how advanced they are. Let’s take a look!

  • New guns! We’re adding two new large turrets: the double coilgun and the flak cannon. These together with the railgun are the new large weapons, which can only be mounted onto the new large hardpoints.
  • The Camel, a new Transport submarine, is being added. The other submarine classes have affordable starter options, and now the Transport class does too.
  • The Deep Diver class of submarines is being removed, and all the submarines in this class will become Scouts instead. Only De...
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Hello everyone!

The next update is getting closer, and a large part of it has to do with submarines. As part of preparing for our eventual 1.0 release (which is not terribly far anymore!), we’ve been evaluating and reworking the vanilla submarine roster to make sure each sub has a part to play in getting you from the Cold Caverns to the Eye of Europa.

We’re also improving the submarine upgrade system, giving it some new complexity and depth, and adding new submarine-mounted weaponry. Let’s take a better look at all the sub-related changes coming in the next update!

Welcome the Camel

The Camel, a new Transport submarine in Barotrauma...
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02 Sep


Hello everyone!

The next Barotrauma update is coming in early October, and among other things, it will include a big change under the hood: we’re updating our .NET runtime to a new version, and this should yield significant performance gains. Combined with the ongoing optimization work, the .NET runtime update will help to make the game run considerably more smoothly for most players.

GeForce NOW

Another exciting change is bringing Barotrauma to Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW[]. While this will have no impact on those who can run Barotrauma on their syste... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Edit: looks like Kratos beat me to it but I'll leave my list up anyway in case someone else needs the walkthrough for looking things up yourself!

Hi! You can find all these names in your local game files. Locate the game files on your computer and navigate to Content > Texts > Russian, and open that .xml file, e.g. in Notepad or similar. Then ctrl+H to search, and look up every creature by its English name to find the translations used in-game. Or rather, look up just one as in this case they're conveniently listed all in the same place!

Explanation just for future reference; I'll paste a cleaned-up list of the non-human creature names below!

Charybdis: Харибда
Coelanth: Целанф
Crawler: Ползун
Endworm: Червь Рока
Doomworm: Гибельный червь
Fractal Guardian: Фрактальный страж
Husk: Хаск
Mudraptor: Грязевой раптор
Deathraptor: Раптор-убийца
Mantis: Богомол
Moloch: Молох
Moloch Boss: Молох-босс
Tigerthresher: ... Read more

01 Sep

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Seems to me OP wanted to avoid hurting anyone's feelings with the video, and it seems everyone so far agrees that that was nothing to worry about. No reason to nitpick beyond that, please enjoy the video and refrain from unnecessary debate about the choice of words!

31 Aug

26 Aug

Hello MacOS players!

We've released a fix to address issues you've been having since the previous hotfix.

v0.18.15.2 (MacOS only)

- Fixed crashes on MacOS 10.13 and 10.14. This seems to have happened because Microsoft quietly dropped support for these versions in .NET Core in late 2021, and we didn't realize until this hotfix when we deployed with a sufficiently new version of the technology.
- Fixed inability to use the voice chat on some MacOS versions, due to the game not having permissions to access the microphone as a result of the aforementioned .NET Core upgrade.
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

25 Aug


Originally posted by MacCollac

Thank you! The anwsers were quite opposite sometimes.

So in other words, it is better to wait to spawn back in the next round if the submarine is fine and no reinforcements are needed? You don't spawn as a new character if you don't respawn with the shuttle?

Yeah, if you don't need more reinforcements mid-round and don't mind waiting for the next round, it may be better to wait. You never spawn as a new character unless you specifically opt to create a new character in the tab menu.


Originally posted by Ironexploreer

Yea same publisher. So most likely same style as Barotruma because of it

The developer (it's actually just one guy!) of Hidden Deep had chosen that artstyle and the game was already pretty far along when he signed the publishing deal with Daedalic. And to my knowledge the similarities between the games are a coincidence - it was already in development before the first versions of Barotrauma (then Subsurface) came out.

But Barotrauma still had some role in this, Daedalic might not have picked it up if we hadn't introduced the game to them and if it wasn't for the similarities to Barotrauma. :)

24 Aug


Looking at the comments here, seems that there's quite a lot of confusion regarding the rules for respawning. I think we need to revisit them and/or communicate them more clearly.

Whenever you die, your skills drop (to be exact, a 75% drop towards the baseline of your character class). If you opt to spawn mid-round in the respawn shuttle, you also get the "Reaper's Tax" affliction which reduces your skills and health until healed at an outpost. The affliction is intended as an additional cost for respawning mid-round - otherwise you would essentially be able to get endless free reinforcements during the round.

So in other words, dying always comes at a cost (a heavy reduction to your skills). Respawning mid-round also adds Reaper's Tax on top of that.

19 Aug

09 Aug

Hello everyone!

We've just released a small hotfix to address a couple of issues that were discovered while we were away on our summer holidays. Stay tuned for continued content updates a little later and see the changelog for today's fixes below!


- Fixed frequent crashing in the submarine editor. The crashes were caused by modifying multiple entities at the same time, such as by selecting an entity of the same type as the last entity that was edited.
- Fixed dragged objects becoming invisible if you bring the cursor over a UI element in the submarine editor.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused radio voice chat to be muffled.

15 Jul

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The main point of removing a lot of the gear from the loadouts was to reduce the amount of free supplies the players get (especially in multiplayer where you get those every time you respawn).

Personally I would argue it doesn't reduce the variety of the characters by much: even though the characters start as kind of "blank slates" now, it doesn't take that many minutes to obtain gear from elsewhere and start building your character and equipment in the direction want to.

Reducing the availability of supplies has been the point of many of the other recent changes to the economy as well: we feel resources were often too easy to come by, to the point where at the later stages of the campaign you had such an overabundance of supplies you practically didn't even need to care about obtaining more. Now we're trying to make resources a little more scarce - although, there is still a lot more work remaining to get the economy and balance right.

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