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19 Mar


Originally posted by Clarkey10

Literally anything, ive crashed while dropping, after being revived, spectating, going into a wraiths portal. It doesnt matter what you do in-game, you will crash just randomly either with memory error or no error at all. Its honestly infuriating to play and crash all the time especially when you get to top 3. Im crashing way more often after this update as well. I also crash more often if i dont repair the game in-between crashes.

    R5Apex: 0000000000359B37
    kernel32: 000000000009BC10
    ntdll: 000000000007FF88
    ntdll: 00000000000178C8
    ntdll: 0000000000027E8D
    ntdll: 00000000000184CF
    ntdll: 000000000004BAC8
    R5Apex: 0000000000359B37
    R5Apex: 000000000035A708
    R5Apex: 00000000004C04BD
    R5Apex: 00000000004BFEA6
    R5Apex: 00000000004C0297
    R5Apex: 00000000004BEAB7
    R5Apex: 00000000004C0852
    kernel32: 00000000000159CD
    ntdll: 000000000002A2E1
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This is useful, thank you, and I'm sorry you have these issues. The first two lines are the most relevant, since those being different indicates a different crash from the one in the OP. If you have other crash logs with different first few lines, please post them.


Originally posted by Akhsihs

Moy, you're the greatest <3



Can you provide any additional context for what is happening in game when it crashes?


Originally posted by DesertPunkSunabouzu

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. As a fellow dev trust me when I say this: your hard work has not and will not go unnoticed and unappreciated. The fact that you managed to sneak all that in this release speaks volumes of your passion and dedication. Cannot wait to go home and try it out! I will also update this post for future reference when I get home.

A big thank you from everyone here and me personally for raising the bar on what's possible regarding aiming with a controller -- you guys really are the gold standard.

All I can add is to keep at it, I'm sure what led you to develop all these options can make you come up with other useful options we may have not thought of yet wink wink get in touch with that GEN1US pro player for inspiration wink wink

Stay tuned for gaming sites and especially YouTubers covering this change with the impact it deserves!

Oh wow, thank-you! A lot of people here put some work in, for sure. =)


Originally posted by pingern

Where can i post my crash reports?

Our forums would be the best place to submit a ticket. Steps are here: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/how-to-attach-a-file-to-your-ea-help-ticket


Moy, you're the greatest <3


Originally posted by Advanced-Darkness

It seems the bit about pathfinder having a grapple indicator was removed. It's not in game either. Was that a mistake?

We will update it but we're holding off having it go live for a bit longer to work on the art more. My mistake including it for this patch.


Originally posted by The5starz

Pathfinder grapple: updated icon

Pathfinder grapple: added indicator near crosshair to show when player is in range of grapple-able geo

Improved mantling from a grapple point.

Pathfinder can now grapple ziplines

BUFF HERE, Level 3!

Had to make one edit here. We did turn off the added indicator to make some adjustments to the art. We'll include in a future update.


Originally posted by DenizzineD

Cute GIF here, level two

Bouncy boi here, level 3 🤘


Originally posted by StarkOfWolves

So dumb, stuff like that should stay in the game in my opinion, it raises the skill ceiling.

I agree that the game is fun to master because skill gaps exist, but this one is not intended.


Could you post the crash file generated by the game? (See patch notes for details)


Could you post or send the crash file, as listed in the patch notes?


Originally posted by Dogeson_RSS

What about the character balance update? Wasn't Caustic supposed to get a buff to his gas?

They fixed it, thanks.

Good catch! They are in this patch and I've added them to the notes.

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