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09 May

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I'm locking this thread as it is going around in circles.


Any posting of videos so as to accuse someone of cheating will receive a ban.


    EA_Darko on Forums - Thread - Direct

I'm locking this thread as it is just going around in circles.


If you suspect a user of cheating then please report them using the link posted above.


08 May


Originally posted by SunnyXtreme83

Yes can vouch on that there is something wrong with lifeline season skin or banner. Otherwise its fine.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: The game sfx audio was 100% when it launched but now it sometime tears up or completely unhearable specially when skulltown is hotzone and majority drops there. The sound tears badly unabling us to hear anything no gunshots no footsteps and the game lags.

Hope u consider this with the current situation as well on priority.

Yep we are aware of that and audio team is on it. We'll be talking more about what they'll be addressing next week.


Hey all sorry for the issue. This is specific to PS4 and we're aware and investigating. Wanted to link you folks to the post where we'll provide updates as we work on this.



Originally posted by myschoo

Many people seems to have mentioned Lifeline and Lifeline banners (possibly the one added in season 1) so that might be a good starting point for you.

Thank you. I'll pass that along to folks as we try and reproduce. If you folks see anything specific [like the banner type and name] that look to trigger the crash please let us know.

Hey all,

We are aware of the crashing reports on PS4 since downloading the update today. For some context, this patch was only meant to update the PS+ skin rewards in the Playstation Store, no changes were made to the game and this was pushed on Playstation 4 only.

We'll provide updates here as we investigate what's causing the issue.

UPDATE: The "Pick Me Up" Banner Frames for Lifeline is trying to call up a non-existent file. We've been able to confirm that the following can cause the game to crash:

  • If you've earned the Banner Card  and hover over it in the customization menus.
  • Viewing your Banner Card, squadmate's, or the champion's banner in the intro or on the in-world screens.
  • Inspecting someone who has the card equipped by right-clicking a friend in the lobby.

We apologize for the issue. We have a partial fix live now disabling the Banner. Crashes may still occur when unlocking t...

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There is to be no accusations made against any users on AHQ @Pesqez. It does not matter what evidence you have, it is simply not acceptable.


Any breach of the naming and shaming rule will be actioned.


07 May

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No one is protecting cheaters @Z_Leighton, we just do not allow naming and shaming on AHQ as it can be a form of bullying.

If you suspect a user of cheating then please report them using the steps I shared above. AHQ is not a place where you can make accusations against other users.


06 May

05 May


Originally posted by mebeast227

It happens to me very often so I'm sure I could get a video in the next week easy

I would get an Xbox clip, so I'll clip it and send you a PM of the link unless you recommend a different method for notifying 👍

Appreciate the communication and love the game!

Sure. PM is fine.


Originally posted by mebeast227

Love the addition!

If you can't speak on it is cool- but lots of times I pull my Zipline out it just doesn't want to attach to anything

I'll put it away and pull it back out and then all of a sudden it will attach to places like I will expect

Hope this gets looked at!

Also, I came from Titanfall 2 as a grapple main so I have timing down really well, and for the first month I had no issues with this. But as of late, when I jump/grapple the jump won't influence the motion like I expect. It's like 30% of the time it just doesn't register the jump as "appropriately timed" and will grapple me without additional jump effect. I hope you guys can look into this and fix the consistency with the grapple/jump timing mechanic

(Side note: as octane I jump over his jump pad more frequently than jump with his jumpad- gave up on timing that so hopefully you guys can look at that too- I don't play octane much so I don't really mind when that happens lol)


If you can't speak on it is cool- but lots of times I pull my Zipline out it just doesn't want to attach to anything

Not sure about that. Get a video of it the next time it happens. And include the minute or so before it happened too, so we can try see if we can repro it.

04 May


Originally posted by VORTXS

It's really a nice feature as you can grapple onto the baloon line and practically skip the first 5s of it making it harder to be shot lol.

Also did you fix the fact the grapple would snap back to the zipline if you tried to use it after jumping off, feels like it?

I did fix that, but I don't think it has made it out yet.

Top people are on it (new updates). I'm not on the build team, but I imagine there are a lot of moving parts we're still trying to figure out. We will get better.


Originally posted by jimtheburger

That code has gotten me out of so many pinches. It works so smoothly, thank you :)

Good to hear!


Originally posted by ForksnFrenchFries

The code for hopping between zips?

Yep. You can blame me for ziplines. :)


Originally posted by colossalwaffles

Thanks for working on my boy path finder. I don't know if you were involved in the increase in his grapple distance but ever since that change, and the grapple to zips, he's felt unreal to play. Your hard work is appreciated, just unfortunate we are a vocal minority.

Grapple distance is something designers would tweak. I am just one of the people that write code for it. I did add that grapple-to-zipline myself though... so thanks!


Phew... my code worked. 😰